At the ripe age of twenty, Tim 'Naneek' Keenan had a world of a very real Vietnam war on his shoulders. Now in his sixties, Tim spends half the year in Mexico where he surfs and thrills off adventure. He has hiked the entire 2,178 mile Appalachian Trail. He lives every day as if it were a Friday. Those are his words. Tim uses positivity & adventure to deal with his past. Until now.

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The day is November 17th.  Locked inside Naneek's head that date pops up every year. It has shown up like clock-work for just over four decades. Keenan served in the Vietnam war as an infantryman. With just over 5 months of heavy battle, his platoon took over a location known as Hill 1338. That date was a personal demon he wanted to confront. So he decided he was going to revisit and climb the hill that gives him PTSD. 


Over the course of two weeks, myself and filmmaker Robert Woodward headed out to film Tim's experience of going back to the country he equates with war. From dense jungle to Communist villages, we give you a front row POV of Tim's epic journey. We sat down with former enemy, reconnected with Vietnamese culture, and slowly captured the weight of Vietnam's history being lifted off of Tim's shoulders.  

His son Jake Keenan, a sponsored skateboarder from Brooklyn, was there in support of his father. All of us took the wild ride. We hope you join us by watching the film.